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We recently wrote our initial briefs for our projects. Mine was responding to earlier research into self initiated publications and self organised societies and groups that operate in our cities to subvert the industries and operations that they speak out against. It will be based in Park Hill.



Sheffield’s main paper mill, situated north of the city centre near Oughtibridge and run by Georgia Pacific LTD, has recently closed one its production department. This meant a third of the personelle (over 100 people) were made redundant and left only the recently modernised conversion side of the mill running. The paper that will now source the mill for the conversion side is provided from other sites in the region. This creates the question: what will happed to the recycling system in central Sheffield, where will the paper be taken for de-inking and re-use?

I have decided to create a infrastructure that will be beneficial for both my created organisation and the residents of the region. My client is an organisation based on the existence of Go- ‘a fanzine for Sheffield’ and also the socialist papers and unity we experienced in Nowa Huta. The accommodation will provide facilities to store collected paper which will then be recycled and milled to make new printable paper. The process will continue by supplying a printing area so publish and disseminate ideas and agendas into the public areas. These will be posted by a team that target financially strategic billboards and poster spots to replace the corporate advertising with information and blank space to alter the consumer’s experience of ‘public’ space.

Systems of more ephemeral broadcast will also be used like projection and FM analogue radio which will soon be commercially obsolete due to the conversion to digital. The projections will be a comment on our isolated existence in the consumer world where licence offenders that download copywrited material like music and films only seem to experience them on their own or in small numbers. Long gone are the days of theatre and mass social gatherings. Today festivals are commercialised and branded to the extent that walls strong enough for prisons are built around sites for a 5 day period. Guerrilla cinemas will allow the now seemingly decriminalised, or at least un-policable act of downloading to be shared by the ‘public’ together.

The siting for this scenario will be in the old industrial live/work structures that were designed for the in den pent tradesmen at the turn of the century and thus a very domestic scale to appropriate for a very industrial activity. The possibility of a nomadic splinter of this organisation that will rove the county and Europe could also be considered.


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