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this is the new product from Polaroid that will be launched soon which allows portable instant printing of images taken with cameras or phones onto small buisness card sized pieces of paper. The paper itself is the revolution here which has ink built into it using a from of crystallised system which is acivated by the thermal printer head in the machine. This allows infinite use of the printer as the paper is the only item that requires replacement.

This is an advancement in technology towards smart paper that I find fascinating, mainly at this point in time because i am tyring to resolve my paper mill design for submission in 3 weeks. The details I have been drawing about paper rolls moving vertically through the building to provide surfaces for interaction and activation by printing on them now seem a step behind having seen this product, but interestingly the problem of polaroid products still exists which my ideas have reversed, that of a precious medium encouraging more selective photography, whereas i use a disposable abundant medium but make the printed product public which encourages selective and thoughtful participation.


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