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I would say that i saw this over the Christmas break by chance, but truth be told i saw it ages ago and something reminded me of it, maybe blade runner’s recent re-release. Anyway, the film is set in the dizzying year of 2002 and is about a new form of holiday entertainment where you go to a resort and live a week with robots doing whatever you want. This scene shows how they pick what theme you will have for your holiday by ‘looking directly into your brain’!-queue amusing machinery with flashing lights and 70’s special effects. The predecessor to this film, ‘Westworld’ 1973 was the first film to use computer digitised images in a feature film to show the view of one of the robots.

Some of the ideas of reality and control over personal and collective experience which are used in this film are shared and represented by many other productions such as ‘Blade Runner’, ‘2001’, ‘1984’, ‘Total Recall’ etc. It could be said that the ideas in many sci-fi films of recent times can be boiled down to the basic human concern of man vs machine and the philosophical question of what conscious thought is.

Another theme that occurred to me watching this clip is the way it has been created. The mediation of an idea or process from one place through a system of different technologies and onto endless other iterative uses and places could be likened to that of a mapping of a place, or an architectural drawing.

The script was written, actors assembled and acted, the director directed and then edited, the film was released and the audience watched, it was then shown again and again on television as more people watched, someone videoed the TV and then posted it on you-tube, more people watched, I post it here and then on it goes from there.

Each time it changes a little as the process or technology it is going through distorts it, like an engineer would when commenting on the reality of an architects sketch, or a planning committee might to a submission.

This treads into the area i am interested in exploring this year with the idea of the mediated public realm and whether there really is anything public about it any more. I am concerned with the way we experience space and the mechanisms that hinder our relationships with reality. This could be blamed generally on the capitalist society that has evolved and its omnipresence in our lives with ideas ranging from 2d advertising and branding through to the way we think and work.

The interdependence of people in their everyday lives whether it be an act of shopping, working or relaxing means that there really is no idea of personal experience anymore either. Even the idea of you as a person is effected by the clothes you wear, where you are from, who you know, what you do for work. It would be interesting to investigate if there was a way of breaking down some of these barriers to work on a more basic level where the interdependence is simplified so the public as individuals can regain their often mentioned ‘realm’.

Maybe a starting point could be to implement devices that filmmakers use to create a timeline that tells the story the way they want it told. Examples like Tarrentino jumbling chronology and ‘Memento’ playing sections backwards could be rethought as architectural interventions, preliminary constructions in urban space.

“the poetic act has no past, at least no recent past, in which its preparation and appearance could be followed” Bachelard, The Poetics of Space


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