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I have been doing lots of cycling recently after buying an old Dawes Galaxy on ebay in the autumn. Spent some great weekends travelling out of London on the bike to Portsmouth, Brighton, Southampton, and recently took it to wales for some riding in Pembrokeshire which was amazing.

We have started using mapmyride to plan routes and then using my android phone as gps for the rides. Works very well, and you get nice stats on climbs etc. Google maps also works very well on android, but you cannot get the turn by turn written instructions like a sat nav, just the map view with your planned route on top. The rides in wales used the National Cycle Networks at times, which are very well planned to be away from traffic and give you  a good range of scenery. Check them out here SUSTRANS

I have also been working on designing a new bike! It will be based on an Ottandini frame, which seems to be a bit of an enigma in terms of heritage, as no one knows what happened to the brand name or where it started, roughly north england? Anyway, my plans for the frame are to celebrate the mighty Norwich City’s football team and thier recent ascendancy, potentially to the premier league!

The history of the Canaries kit and logo is very interesting, if we ignore the original beginnings of a blue and white kit, then we see the yellow being a major part of the club’s design from the early years of 1907, with the green canary bird being a feature even back then. The kit then evolved with experiments of more even proportions of green and yellow, in stripes and halves, until 1947 when the modern design emerged with the first shield badge. This badge evolved again in 1972 just before the age of corporate kit design came in, Umbro being NCFCs first which was followed by many others. My favourite was the asics kit of 1992 because i used to have it when i was a kid and it is closely followed by the marmite of kits, the 1994 ‘pebbledash’, which was worn in the European Cup campaign that season.

norwich city 1907-08 (2) norwich city fc 1949-50  norwich city 1972  norwich city 1989  norwich city 1992 norwich city 2010-12

My ideas for the bike are to create a paintwork that replicates this history and merges it with traditions of cycle design. Some early sketch ideas are shown below.

I am also thinking about creating a new head badge for the bike which would create a new logo for a Canary Cycling Club, obviously made up, but there are plenty of clubs in Norfolk as it is great cycling terrain being so flat.

Some people have suggested that the original logo is something to do with this local brand, which preceded the Football club by a few years, so something could be done to use the red from this logo as a nod in that direction.

I messed about with a dwg file i found on the internet of the existing badge to make these two new compositions, so anything is possible really!


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