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Doncaster Arts Centre created a new facility in the centre of the town for the study and exhibition of the creative industries. The site was a missing plot on the historic high street which has undergone heavy redevelopment over the past 20 years, transforming the character of the town and demographic of the retail market. This project intended to site a cultural program centrally so that it could interact with the commercial base of the high street.

The site was clear except for the facade from the previous building which had been demolished. The street facade was listed to maintain the rythmn and pattern of the historic high street, and so became a key part of  the design process. This included experiments into redefining the site perimeter and the facade’s interaction with the high stree and project site beyond.

The site itself has roman remains found under the surface and is under excavation, hence its state of demolition and halted re-development. The idea of excavation became a key idea in creating subterrainian gallery spaces and their relationship with other pieces of accomodation.


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