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Taking Care [2009]

A Soho 4 production which was entered into the london stage of the 48 hour film project. This competition requires a team to write, cast, site, film and edit a short in just 48 hours to be viewed in the cinema and judged in front of the public. The teams are given compulsory elements to include in their projects including a character, line of dialogue, a prop and a genre. We were given ‘silent movie’ as our genre which set the tone for the film. Other limiting factors we experienced were a small team of 4, only one actor available, 1 very sombre location possible and a long week of architectural deadlines preceeding the weekend of the shoot!


Whatever the Weather [2005]

These were two short introductory films for the Whole School Event at The University of Sheffield School of Architecture. The theme of the event was weather and architecture so we the films played at the start of each day to set the scene for the workshops and talks.


This is Selby [2007]

This film was produced as a promotional tool for the council of Selby to use as they wished. The most obvious problem of the product of the project was that it had no physical presence and so making people aware of its invention and existence was very important, and fundamental to the success and development of the concept. The film uses Adobe Flash™ to animate the digital files used for the creation of the website. This animation explains the concepts of the website anatomy and navigation and most importantly the idea of open source user interaction which allows content to be added by anyone. The film combines this animation with footage shot in the town and excerpts from interviews we conducted with residents as the first stage of capturing the memories of the older generation.


The Outdoor Classroom [2008]

Film documenting the process of our project over the 6 week period. Time lapse footage was captured on site during heavy rain to present to the rest of the school after completion and explain the progress and issues we had on a construction site.

CREDITS: Music is The Cinematic Orchestra


Things as Processes [2008]

This was the part of the product of my thesis dissertation which investigated whether film can be used inconjunction or instead of existing representational methods in the design of architecture. To pursue this question I created a series of short films which used different methods but shared the same narrative based on my 5th year studio project. An extended text to accompany these films and serve as more of an introduction can be found here.

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